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Big Changes for 2016 Writers-Editors Network Writing Competition

Streamlined categories and increased awards herald the 2016 edition of the long-established Writers-Editors Network International Writing Competition.

Gone are the divisions, with entrants having only to choose among three categories:  Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry. Cash Prizes for each category now range from $150 to $75. Plus, the first place winner in each category will receive a free one-year Writers-Editors Network membership. In addition, the Most Promising entry in each category will receive a free critique by a contest judge. Honorable mention certificates will be mailed to all near-winners.

Entries for the 33rd Annual Competition are being accepted through March 15 by Writers-Editors Network (WEN) and Florida Freelance Writers Association (FFWA), sponsoring organizations.  Entry is open to everyone; WEN or FFWA membership is not required.

All entries must be unpublished or self-published. Fiction may be a short story, novel chapter, Young Adult (YA) or children's story or book chapter. Nonfiction may be an article, blog post, essay/opinion piece, column, nonfiction book chapter, children's article or book chapter. Poetry may be traditional or free verse poetry or children's verse. Additional guidelines are posted online at

Each entry MUST be accompanied by an official entry form. Contestants may submit entries online to save paper and postage. Contest deadline is March 15, 2016.  For complete contest guidelines and entry form, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Writers-Editors Competition Guidelines, PO Box A, North Stratford NH 03590 USA. Or, guidelines and entry form can be printed out at or A direct link is

(Note: A Special Contest Tip Sheet offers "10 Tips for Winning Writing Contests," tips from several contest judges, and Contest Cautions at (shortcut link: Winners of prior years' contests are posted on the site as well.


Author Leverages Writing Contest Win to Get Publishing Deal

North Stratford, NH, USA - Carol J. Perry didn't stop when she was awarded First Place, Novel Chapter, in the 2013 Writers-Editors Network Writing Competition. She took her chapter, her certificate, and the confidence from winning, then got busy contacting agents and publishers.

Authors and would-be authors have been entering writing contests for ages, all with the hope of discovering: (1) do I really have talent? and (2) should I continue to reach for that brass ring? But not too many actually grab hold of that opportunity if it appears. Carol Perry grabbed the brass ring with gusto and reached the author's Holy Grail a multi-book contract with a traditional publishing house (Kensington Publishing).

In an interview, Carol Perry, Madeira Beach, Fla., shares how her background helped shape her writing generally and this book in particular; why she entered that chapter in the competition; and the steps she took to end up with a contract for not the one book but a series of "cozy" mystery novels.

Carol reveals where she "found" her characters, how she got the idea for her mystery, why she close first-person viewpoint, why she entered the contest first before contacting publishers or agents, what she sent along to publishers, and her writing process all useful information to fledgling authors, especially those seeking traditional publishing deals.

The interview is available online in its entirety at nd-multi-book-contract/ or from the Network blog's main page,

About Writers-Editors Network International Writing Competition

The Writers-Editors Network annual literary competition is in its 31st year and currently has six categories: Nonfiction Previously Published, Nonfiction Unpublished, Fiction, Short Story, Fiction Novel Chapter, Children's Literature, and Poetry. Entries are judged blind (judges have no idea who the writers are or where they are located). Deadline for entries to be mailed is March 15, 2014 (online entries also allowed). Guidelines and entry form are posted at test_guidelines.htm - winners are posted by May 31st at - Writers-Editors Network also posts contests from around the world at

Dana K. Cassell
Executive Director
Writers-Editors Network
(603) 922-8338

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Contact: Dana K. Cassell
Tel. (603) 922-8338

Six Tips to Winning a Writing Contest Award

Contest judges weigh in: Stories and poems that stand out exhibit something extra. In order to place high enough to win the cash prizes and certificates, writers must follow six specific steps.

North Stratford, NH: February 1, 2014 Writers-Editors Network, which has sponsored an international writing competition for 31 years, and which lists current contests from around the United States and the world on its website, asked judges from several competitions and genres to share their "secrets" on how they select winning entries. From their replies and from the group's own experience, the Network suggests these "6 Tips to Win Your Next Contest"--

1. Include something in your story that makes it stand out that causes the judge to go, "Wow! I didn't see that coming." It might be "an atmosphere that wraps itself around you" or a twist in the last paragraph or sentence. It must be unexpected but logical to the story and satisfactory and memorable.

2. Follow the guidelines. This might seem like common sense, but a good percentage of entries do not. Double-check that your entry meets the required formatting (if specified), word count, genre, names on (or not on) the entry, and so on.

3. Poetry entries should create visual images inside the reader's head. And every word should convey something meaningful to the poem.

4. Proofread, proofread, proofread. Sounds like another no-brainer? Apparently not, as so many entries come to judges full of misspellings, grammar errors, misused words (e.g., 'there' for 'their'), and other "simple" errors. They put off the judges and drop the entry lower in the stack. Have a friend or family member use their fresh pair of eyes as a final -read-through to find any of these "losing" ingredients.

5. "Telling not Showing" is the number one reason those entries remaining past the first tests fail in the final scoring, according to one judge. "Telling is boring." Make the reader care about the character and what happens next.

6. Begin with a bang.  Before sending in an entry, read every article or book chapter you can find on openings, beginnings, leads. Then compare yours to what the experts say. This applies equally to fiction and nonfiction.

Additional tips are posted on the Writers-Editors Network website in the "Contests" section at

About Writers-Editors Network

Writers-Editors Network has been linking professional writers and editors with those who need content and editorial services since 1982. Members have access to job postings, the latest market news, and a monthly newsletter. Numerous public pages offer writing and marketing tips, contest news, and writers' resources. The 30th Annual Writers-Editors International Writing Competition deadline is March 15; guidelines and entry form are posted on the website.


If you'd like more information about writing contests, or to schedule an interview with a contest judge, please contact

Dana K. Cassell
P.O. Box A
North Stratford, NH 03590
Tel: (603) 922-8338
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