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This page is for magazines based in Florida or whose content is primarily about Florida: Please complete and submit the form below to update your current listing or to submit information about your publication(s) to be considered for listing in the Directory of Florida Markets for Writers. (Note: When updating a listing, you need only fill in the fields that need changing plus the title of the publication and email address in case we have any questions.)

Note: If you have multiple publications with some repetitive information, you should be able to hit your back button after submitting the form, then go through it and redo whatever information is different, then resubmit.

Also: Near bottom of form, you will have the opportunity to attach your own Editorial Guidelines file to the form.

If you have a problem submitting the form, please feel free to copy and paste the information into the body of a regular e-mail and send to editor@FFWAmembers.com.

You may also prefer to print out the form and send it, completed, to CNW/FFWA, PO Box A, North Stratford NH 03590.

Editorial Information Form

Name of person completing form (Required):

Name of publication:

Mailing address:



Website URL:

Editorial e-mail address (Required):

Publisher's Name:

Editor's Name:

Freelance Contact & Title (if different from Editor):

Type of Publication (magazine, tabloid, newsletter, webzine, etc.)

Number of issues per year:

Number of pages per issue:

Month/Year of first issue:


Target audience:

Number of freelance manuscripts purchased per year:

Do writers receive a byline?

Do you pay for material?

How do you pay? (per word, per story):

Payment range:

Do you issue a contract or agreement letter?

When do you pay freelancers? On Acceptance? After Publication?

Do you pay a kill fee for assigned mss not used?

What rights do you purchase or consider? First   One-Time
 All Reprint Web Other:

How should writers approach you? Email Query; Mailed Query; Faxed Query; Phone Query; Clips;
Mail Complete Manuscript Email Complete Manuscript; Other:

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

Lead time for seasonal/holiday material:

How can writer obtain your Writers Guidelines? (e.g., Website URL; e-mail address; or send SASE to whom)

How can a writer obtain a sample copy?

Nonfiction topics of interest:

Nonfiction word length(s):

Fiction of interest:

Fiction word length(s):

Other Needs/Considerations (poetry, fillers, etc.):

Photography Needs/Formats/Payment:


Note: To send a copy of your Editorial Guidelines to our office, please email (attachment OK) to editor@writers-editors.com.

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